Music Taboos

Today all the people are provided the full right to hear and produce the music of all kinds. However the people didn’t have this great freedom in the past times. Since the ancient times the people tabooed this or that sound sequence, musical instrument or song. Of course the taboos of various epochs were defined by the whole variety of social factors, since accepting the sounds as music is the purely social phenomenon.
In the ancient world music was connected with purely ceremonial traditions and was supposed to have some magical power. The separate groups of Maya Indians and Aztecs even banned any type of music. People of those times supposed music is able to change the mind of a human beings and make them carry out the orders of the musician. That is why all the musical instruments were banned and music was allowed to play only during the most important ceremonies like birth, funeral or wedding.
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Personality or Stereotype?

They say that each person has the unique temper and psychological peculiarities. There are four general psychological types of the people: sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and melancholic.

It is a wide-spread opinion that it is not that easy to change the psychological type. If one is still able to alter his of her traces of character the basic peculiarities and features will remain the same. But I suggest you to imagine a handful of sand. The more grains of sand there is the more significant the pile is. The experience is being accumulated constantly as we have to make a choice almost every minute. The information of our choice is stored in the sphere of subconscious. If a person doesn't see any consistent pattern in his or her actions and thinks of them as of the occasional events the most frequent choice turns into a habit. The more similar action the one performs the more "automatic" his actions get. For example a person may get accustomed to grumble and accuse everyone if something doesn't go in accordance with his plans. This grumbling is accepted by this person as his own habit. "That's the way I am". In that way he is constantly carrying around the growing pile of sand with him. But he piles it up himself.

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Are Love And Compassion Equal For Women?

The dictionaries and reference books provide the different explanations for the words “love” and “sympathy”.But still the most of women make these notions equal in practice. Many modern girls have the boyfriends who are weak and delicate, but they love them more than the courageous and powerful men. Women feel both love and compassion towards losers, nerds and unappreciated geniuses. Actually they really love these fragile men though it seems to contradict the law of evolution.

Some psychologists suppose that this compassionate love is the manifestation of the maternal instinct. The modern women tend to mix up their husbands and their children. In that way they coddle and treat their husbands as they were their children.

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“The Road” – What Will Happen with the World

Fantasy fiction has never been my favorite genre of literature. I prefer stories which describe real events or, at least, something that can possibly happen. However, there is one book, a post-apocalyptic novel, which has produced great impression on me, though I can not say that this impression was positive. Still, if you are not afraid to sink into the world of post-apocalyptic delirium and learn what will happen after the end of the world, I recommend you reading this story.

The book is called “The Road” and is written by an American author Cormac McCarthy. The circumstances of the disaster which has destroyed almost everything in the world remain unknown, and, honestly, you will not be interested in them much as the story will capture you from the first pages.

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Why Is It Important to Write Articles And What to Start With?

The era of the internet and digital communications has pushed its peak. Today even the youngest children are surrounded by the computers and various gadgets,the elderly people suppose that their golden years are not an obstacle for comprehension different multimedia devices, the business is being led via the internet and the process of education gets remote as well as the process of communication.

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How to Survive the End of Honeymoon

Honeymoon is a personal fairy tale for just married which is viewed as a climax of celebration of their love and union. However after return from this romantic trip a lot of girls face a bunch of unexpected problems as well as bad mood or even depression. So, you need to get prepared for what to expect after the end of your honeymoon and minimize negative effects for your relationship.

The fact is, the abundance of pleasant impressions and bright emotions as well as different organization moments is a stressful situation after which you need to restore energy and recollect yourself. Before starting torturing yourself with the thought that you do not like to be married try to have a rest and a sound sleep and after that you will probably find your fate less miserable.

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Hangover – Tips for Survival

It did not take me long years and a great number of tequila shots to understood one simple axiom – parting is good, hangover is a disaster. However, obeying some obscure law of life they always go together, like coffee and milk, Mickey Mouse and Pluto, roses and spikes…Ok, I guess you got the point. The fact it, I soon discovered that hangover spoils the pleasure of remembering some gorgeous party adventures the next mo4rhning and decided that something should be done with it. Here are some tips which personally I find extremely useful when it comes to the struggle with hangover.

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