“The Road” – What Will Happen with the World

Fantasy fiction has never been my favorite genre of literature. I prefer stories which describe real events or, at least, something that can possibly happen. However, there is one book, a post-apocalyptic novel, which has produced great impression on me, though I can not say that this impression was positive. Still, if you are not afraid to sink into the world of post-apocalyptic delirium and learn what will happen after the end of the world, I recommend you reading this story.

The book is called “The Road” and is written by an American author Cormac McCarthy. The circumstances of the disaster which has destroyed almost everything in the world remain unknown, and, honestly, you will not be interested in them much as the story will capture you from the first pages.

No introduction, no explanations – just a nameless man and a boy walking along the road and observing the land lying in ruins and ash. There are only few human beings left, and most of them became cannibals as all plants and animals were destroyed. A man and a boy go to the sea hoping to find some other “good guys” or a way out of this grey nightmare.

The story will pierce you with the sense of loneliness and despair and the ending will not add much hope. The sea will appear to be as gloomy and grey as the rest of the world and a boy will be left alone on the shore after his father’s death. This hero has seen enough ugly scenes and experienced enough grief to sink into despair, but still, he preserves his desire to live despite everything and this stubbornness is really something remarkable. The world has come to an end, but the hope has not.

There is a movie based on this novel starring Viggo Mortensen, but personally I am not ready to absorb it yet as I need to digest this book written in desperately beautiful style first.

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