Music Taboos

Today all the people are provided the full right to hear and produce the music of all kinds. However the people didn’t have this great freedom in the past times. Since the ancient times the people tabooed this or that sound sequence, musical instrument or song. Of course the taboos of various epochs were defined by the whole variety of social factors, since accepting the sounds as music is the purely social phenomenon.
In the ancient world music was connected with purely ceremonial traditions and was supposed to have some magical power. The separate groups of Maya Indians and Aztecs even banned any type of music. People of those times supposed music is able to change the mind of a human beings and make them carry out the orders of the musician. That is why all the musical instruments were banned and music was allowed to play only during the most important ceremonies like birth, funeral or wedding.

The people of ancient China were afraid of the drums sound. Basically during that epoch drums were used for frightening the enemy in the military campaigns all over the world. That may be explained by the fact that the sound of drums is similar to the should of thunder. The people couldn’t explain the nature of the thunder sound and used to think that it was the anger of gods.
During the Middle Ages Europe was living through the highest point of religious heresy. In the Middle Ages the term “Diablo ex Musica” appeared. In fact this creepy name was given to the specific sequence of sounds which provides the tensioned and grim speech.
The Catholic Church forbade the so-called sound “tritone” considering its diabolical genesis. Translated into the language of music this word is meant to denote the interval between two notes – three tones. In other words tritone appears when the ratio of the frequencies of the two sounds is equal to the square root of 2 or1.414. The combination of these sounds in music provided the unlucky composer with a free pass into the cellars of Inquisition. However today almost all the types of heavy music (metal, hardcore or gothic) is based on this sound sequence.
The communist or strict monarchy regime leaders were afraid of revolutions and assassination attempts. It was clear that the right music may inspire the people to carry out a revolution. That is why in Soviet Union such music as jazz or blues was prohibited. It was supposed to immoralize the Soviet youth.
Today the people all over the world have the great possibility to search and listen mp3 songs, store, playback and listen to any type of music.

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