Back in the day.

Have you ever thought about the idea of exploiting the time machine? Would you like to use it once? Then what time would you choose and what country? Do you feel nostalgic for the period of time of your parents’ youth or for the past in general? Sometimes it happens to me. From time to time I look through old photos of my parents and grandparents and feel really nostalgic for and captivated by the time.

If I had a chance to travel through time I would definitely go to the 1960s. How come? Well, I don’t know actually but somehow I’m captivated by the events, people, writers and artists of that period of time. As for me then that time seems to be the most interesting, flamboyant and captivating era of the 20th century thus referring to the cultural and social-political events that began in 1963 and ended in 1974. It was great time indeed. People wanted freedom and independence and they did everything to get it. Some of the events appeared to be disasters but at the same time their cultural influence was enormous and invaluable. What I mean? For example, Cultural Revolution in China not only changed the country, its traditions and customs when people were made to refuse from their past. It influenced the whole world. Thus an attempt to remove “liberal bourgeois” elements who wanted to restore capitalism inspired French students to struggle and try to revolutionize society.

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