Appetizing Art of Foodscapes

It seems that new kinds of art emerges every day and the destiny of these new projects can be different – some of them will be left in oblivion and some are bound to become real success. It is an original idea which can attract the attention of the audience, and the foodscapes of Carl Warner appeared to be one of such attractive concepts.

Carl Warner is an Australian illustrator and photographer who is famous as a creator of a new genre of art – foodscapes which mean landscapes made of food. His pictures show bread mountains, broccoli trees, cabbage leave waves and potato stones.

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She is not the Girl Who Misses Much.

One of the most prolific and remarkable video artist is definitely Pipilotti Rist. I idolize her boldness and impudence she exposes every time during her work.

Pipilotti Rist was born in prosperous Switzerland. Aged twenty Pipilotti entered the Institute of Applied Arts in Vienna where she studied illustration and photography. When she was 35-years-old she participated in the Venice Biennial representing Switzerland. Since then she became pretty popular. Even though some of her works seem to be pretty strange one should accept it with humor and irony. Don’t be serious to judge her works as some do when see her installations and videos.

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Interesting Facts About Claude Monet

Claude Monet was the most remarkable artist related to impressionism from France. He was born on November 14th in 1840 and became the symbol of this amazing genre of art because his painting was the first one to be characterized this way.

Claude Monet had an extremely interesting life and rather long life to describe. Here are the most bright facts about this amazingly gifted painter.

The impressionism definition was first outlined by the critics after Claude Monet represented his today famous painting named Impression, Soleil Levant in 1874 while the very first independent art show was held. The haven of Le Havre was the one painted in it using quite loose brush strokes which produced the effect of the painting being rather blurry. However it didn’t become the best example of impressionism as his the most popular Water Lilies dated 1906 feature the impressionism manner much more intense despite the fact that his eyes could see worse that time.

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