Music Taboos

Today all the people are provided the full right to hear and produce the music of all kinds. However the people didn’t have this great freedom in the past times. Since the ancient times the people tabooed this or that sound sequence, musical instrument or song. Of course the taboos of various epochs were defined by the whole variety of social factors, since accepting the sounds as music is the purely social phenomenon.
In the ancient world music was connected with purely ceremonial traditions and was supposed to have some magical power. The separate groups of Maya Indians and Aztecs even banned any type of music. People of those times supposed music is able to change the mind of a human beings and make them carry out the orders of the musician. That is why all the musical instruments were banned and music was allowed to play only during the most important ceremonies like birth, funeral or wedding.
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Songs of Childhood

Everybody has its own means to return to childhood in their memory. For some of us it is the smell of ginger cakes which were cooked in your family every Sunday, the others connect their best memories with a box of secrets which contains the greatest treasures of childhood for them. As for me, I return to my early years every time I hear one of the Disney songs as the tradition to watch Disney cartoons was one of the few unchangeable things when I was a kid.

One of my favorite Disney songs is “Under the Sea” from “The Little Mermaid” series. It is the Oscar-winning composition which was released in 1989 and performed by the crab Sebastian in the cartoon. What I like about this song is that it is not devoted to love and all this sentimental stuff, but to joy of life and the advantages of living where you belong.

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Death of one of the greatest composers of all time – Mozart – still remains a mystery. There are many versions of what happened and each of them seems more or less believable. I am afraid there is no way for us to find out what actually happened, but maybe that’s the beauty of it – it is a mystery, each of us may believe what he / she wants.

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Clint Darryl Mansell

Not everyone knows who Clint Mansell is but those who know definitely heard his ‘Requiem for a Dream’ trek. This without a doubt is the most famous of his works.

Clinton Darryl Mansell was born on January 7, 1963. He is a British musician and composer, a former lead singer and guitar player of a band named ‘Pop Will Eat Itself’. Clint is from Cronverty, England.

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Bizarre And Mysterious Musicians’ Suicides

1. Johnny Ace, rhythm and blues singer

There are a lot of rumors about his death to be heard nowadays. It happened in Houston, Texas in 1959. He was performing a show there and went away to have some rest during the break between the sets. Next time someone saw him he was shot dead. The fact that it was a suicide was obvious: it was committed with his own gun. Some people say that Johnny was playing Russian roulette and shot himself dead; others say it was an accident. They say that he was playing with his pistol and when someone told him to be careful with it he laughed and replied that it’s not loaded and decided to prove it by pointing it to his head and pushing the trigger.

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