Death of one of the greatest composers of all time – Mozart – still remains a mystery. There are many versions of what happened and each of them seems more or less believable. I am afraid there is no way for us to find out what actually happened, but maybe that’s the beauty of it – it is a mystery, each of us may believe what he / she wants.

After Mozart died, he wasn’t even buried with respect: he was buried with twenty other people, some of them were homeless and of course there was no monument. He was buried even before it became officially known that he passed away. Even today no one knows the exact place of his grave. His wife came to the cemetery in 18 years after his death and the only person who knew where Mozart was buried – a sexton – was dead. Now the monument is put in the approximate place of the common grave where the body of Mozart is probably resting.

People who knew Mozart said he felt he was going to die – he was sure someone wanted his death.

The official reason of his death is severe military fever although after his death many stated he was poisoned. Today scientists believe that all the symptoms Mozart had could be that of multiple mercury poisoning.

There are three versions of Mozart’s death:

1. Antonio Salieri.

Many believe that even though Salieri was wealthier than Mozart he might be jealous of his Talent, giving that the year of Mozart’s death was the year his career was going up. According to the data there are records of his confession that were kept in secret according to the laws of the church. In this confession Salieri told when, where and how many times he poisoned Mozart, and how terrible he felt about it. Salieri tried to commit suicide several times, tortured by the guilt.

But I’m afraid we will never know if it was just a legend or not.

2. Franz Xaver Süssmayr.

Süssmayr was Mozart’s student and a close friend of his wife. In fact, Mozart’s wife – Constanze had an affair. It is known that Süssmayr had a bad temper and couldn’t stand Mozart’s mockery. After Mozart’s death Constanza and Süssmayr fell out, many believe that the reason of that was that Constanze found out Süssmayr killed her husband.

3. Ritual murder.

Mozart was a member of the religious organization – Masonic Charity. The difference of Mozart’s views provoked scandals in the Masonic Charity and some believe that could have been a reason for other members to get rid of Mozart.

These three stories are the most popular theories of Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart.

The death of the great composer, one the most talented people in the history oft he world will remain a mystery.

Although, it is a known fact that Antonio Salieri was sued for that but he also was acquitted.

One of the most famous works of his is Requiem that he wrote right before his death.

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