Clint Darryl Mansell

Not everyone knows who Clint Mansell is but those who know definitely heard his ‘Requiem for a Dream’ trek. This without a doubt is the most famous of his works.

Clinton Darryl Mansell was born on January 7, 1963. He is a British musician and composer, a former lead singer and guitar player of a band named ‘Pop Will Eat Itself’. Clint is from Cronverty, England.

He is the author of the sound treks for the movies of Darren Aronofsky and Duncan Jones.

Clint Mansell started his career as a frontman in a band ‘Pop Will Eat Itself’, he also took part in the recording of Nine Inch Nails album ‘The Fragile’ as a guest vocalist.

After ‘Pop Will Eat Itself’ fell apart in 1996, Clint’s friend, Darren Aronofsky (who was an unknown director back then) offered him to write a sound trek for his debut movie ‘Pi’. The movie was big success but the sound trek remained unnoticed.

But the release of the sound trek became very popular along with ‘Autechre’, ‘Aphex Twin’, ‘Orbital’, and ‘Roni Size’. This is how he got a plenty of fans who liked IDM and electronic.

Clint’s next work was a sound trek for another Darren Aronofsky ‘s movie – ‘Requiem for a Dream’, that later became a iconic movie. The sound trek was nominated for Best Original Score in Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Clint Mensell also wrote the music for the pilot episode of the show ‘C.S.I.: New York’ and the debut movie of Duncan Jones – ‘Moon’.

A version of his ‘Lux Aeterna’, recorded with an orchestra and a choir was used in ‘The Lord Of The Rings: The two Towers’. The trek named ‘Requiem for a Tower’ was recorded only for the movie.

His music was used in such famous movies as Zathura, The da Vinci Code’, ‘Sunshine’, ‘Babylon A.D.’, and such widely known TV shows ‘Lost’ and ‘Top Gear’. This theme – Lux Aeterna – was also used when introducing judges in ‘America’s Got Talent’.

Mansell’s ‘Death Is the Road to Awe’ originally used for ‘The Fountain’ was later used for ‘I Am Legend’ and also for the trailer for ‘The Mist’ movie.

The piece written for the scientific fiction movie ‘Moon’ is also used for ‘The Iron Lady’ trailer.

Clint Mansell’s work also appears in such well-known movies:

– World Traveler 2001;

– The Hole 2001;

– Knockaround Guys 2001;

– Abandon 2002;

– Suspect Zero 2004;

– Doom 2005;

– Trust the Man 2006;

– Definitely, Maybe 2008;

– Wrestler 2008;

– Blood: The Last Vampire 2009;

– The Rebound 2009;

– Black Swan 2010, the Nomination Grammy;

– Faster 2010;

– Stoker 2012

– And even the game ‘Mass Effect 3’ – 2012.

Clint Mansell is one of my favorite composers as I mentioned he worked in Mordern Classical, Classical, Electronic and Alternative genres.

My personal favorite piece is the theme for ‘Requiem for a Dream’ and it always will be. This is an iconic trek that made my favorite composer famous.

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