Are Love And Compassion Equal For Women?

The dictionaries and reference books provide the different explanations for the words “love” and “sympathy”.But still the most of women make these notions equal in practice. Many modern girls have the boyfriends who are weak and delicate, but they love them more than the courageous and powerful men. Women feel both love and compassion towards losers, nerds and unappreciated geniuses. Actually they really love these fragile men though it seems to contradict the law of evolution.

Some psychologists suppose that this compassionate love is the manifestation of the maternal instinct. The modern women tend to mix up their husbands and their children. In that way they coddle and treat their husbands as they were their children.

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Fair Sex

In the society women are called ‘the fair sex’. And I agree on this statement. Women are also called ‘the weaker sex’. I can’t agree on this one.

Just think about it: We work as much as med do. We come home at the end of a long hard work day. So do men. Our husbands. Or boyfriends. What do we do? We change, we go to the kitchen, cook, wash dishes. After we are done, we do our laundry and clean the house if necessary.  Those of us that have children need to check their homework, spend some quality time with them. Sometimes a husband can help. Sometimes.

Is that a life style of a weak person? It doesn’t seem like it. Besides, when we have our sweet little babies we put our bodies and minds through awful lot. Is that what a weak person can do? I don’t think so.

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