Most Annoying Actors

It can so happen that when actors become famous, they lose their ability to put vim and vigour into their work, resting on the laurels of their old tricks and peculiarities, which made them popular some time ago. So, let’s discuss Hollywood actors who forgot about the art of transformation, and play one and the same role.

The first defendant is Morgan Freeman. This veteran of the stage and the Oscars winner is a no-lose variant when one needs a wise old man in his movie. No matter what Mr. Freeman is playing- a thief, a President or God – he will be still an old wise man. That happens to him for the last 13 years. Even if Morgan is a villain, his final speech will be pronounced not with anger and malice, but with the intonation of a clever good teachers, who reprimands his lazy students.

And then, Johnny Depp. A vampire, a barber and a brave captain-they all are the same in a way: funny, clumsy and extremely kind in spite of frightening and odd appearance. Even in the famous “Tourist” it seems that through the adorable Frank’s smile we still see a grin of Mad Hatter. May be that’s all Tim Burton’s influence, with whom Depp has eight common projects.

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