Appetizing Art of Foodscapes

It seems that new kinds of art emerges every day and the destiny of these new projects can be different – some of them will be left in oblivion and some are bound to become real success. It is an original idea which can attract the attention of the audience, and the foodscapes of Carl Warner appeared to be one of such attractive concepts.

Carl Warner is an Australian illustrator and photographer who is famous as a creator of a new genre of art – foodscapes which mean landscapes made of food. His pictures show bread mountains, broccoli trees, cabbage leave waves and potato stones.

The creation of an eatable landscape is a complicated task to perform and the whole process can take a few days. First, the artist creates a draft of his picture. Then he chooses the products suitable for becoming a part of a foodscape. Finally, he builds up a composition and shoots it layer by layer. In a result, the audience receives an impression from the first sight that it is real scenery and only after having a closer look they understand that it is made of food.

The works of Carl Warner have become really popular after they were posted in the Internet in 2008. Since that time Carl received a great number of orders from different advertising agencies which wanted their products to look as appetizing as the images on Warner’s pictures. For instance, the artist developed the idea of broccoli in mountains and sea landscape with potato stones for the dairy company Valio by the order of Sec and Grey agency.

Warner is the master of lighting. He can make the light on his photos look natural. For example, on the images depicting a ship among the cabbage waves it is the gloomy and somber light which makes the picture look real. Warner creates his own unique world of eatable illusions being inspired by such artists as Salvador Dali and Patrick Woodroofe. His pictures, indeed, have a bit surrealistic look.

The works of Carl Warner is like a surreal fairy-tale where the objects appears to be not what they seem to be. When you find out that the sea is made of salmon and the boat is just a pea pod you feel like a discoverer of a new world. I think it is one of the reasons which make the works of this artist so attractive.

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