How to Survive the End of Honeymoon

Honeymoon is a personal fairy tale for just married which is viewed as a climax of celebration of their love and union. However after return from this romantic trip a lot of girls face a bunch of unexpected problems as well as bad mood or even depression. So, you need to get prepared for what to expect after the end of your honeymoon and minimize negative effects for your relationship.

The fact is, the abundance of pleasant impressions and bright emotions as well as different organization moments is a stressful situation after which you need to restore energy and recollect yourself. Before starting torturing yourself with the thought that you do not like to be married try to have a rest and a sound sleep and after that you will probably find your fate less miserable.

Besides, the contrast between the miracle of wedding ceremony and honeymoon and the daily routine which comes afterwards can strike your nervous system. On the wedding or soon after it we allow ourselves more than is normal for us – buy expensive dress, delicious food, posh trip and hotel. To get rid of sad thoughts after it all have ended, watch wedding photos in the evenings together with your husband, remember the time of your lives you had and gradually return to usual life. Even if this honeymoon fairy tale has ended, there are still plenty things to enjoy in life.

Some girls believe that wedding will change something in their relationships with a partner and become upset when their expectations prove to be wrong. Do not expect that your husband will become another person after the wedding, it is better to discuss all the points you are dissatisfied with before the event in order to save yourself from disappointment in future. For example, if the marriage took place due to your own initiative, it is likely that you will be offered to row in your common boat after the wedding as well as before it.

Another problem most just married face is the necessity to accept their new status. By marrying a person we agree to care about him and his interests as no our own wellness depends on them. We also expect that this care will be mutual. So, the process of adaptation to each other and to your new status with collision of expectations, mistakes and offends is inevitable. Do not be afraid to discuss with your husbands the moments which do not coincide with your idea of the wife’s role as it will help to avoid serious consequences in future.

In most cases the disappointment is a result of excessive expectations. For lots of people the necessity to adapt to each other and search for compromises appears to be a complete surprise. It is essential to understand that beautiful ceremony does not guarantee beautiful life and the passion is gradually replaced by a calmer feeling based on stability, confidence, respect and the ability to discuss openly even the most unpleasant moments.

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