Hangover – Tips for Survival

It did not take me long years and a great number of tequila shots to understood one simple axiom – parting is good, hangover is a disaster. However, obeying some obscure law of life they always go together, like coffee and milk, Mickey Mouse and Pluto, roses and spikes…Ok, I guess you got the point. The fact it, I soon discovered that hangover spoils the pleasure of remembering some gorgeous party adventures the next mo4rhning and decided that something should be done with it. Here are some tips which personally I find extremely useful when it comes to the struggle with hangover.

The first rule after the party is to have a sound sleep. If you can afford it due to some reason, avoid coffee as it will only strengthen the influence of alcohol on your body. Drink as much water as you can instead, or cat least replace coffee with very sweet tea.

Of course, you will not get rid of the feeling that you are a miserable wreck in an instant but you can at least reduce your sufferings. Avoid sitting in close spaces, fresh air will help you to feel better. A good long walk is what you need to deal with consequences of tequila boom. If you feel like you are going to vomit, do not suppress this desire – it will help you to clean your stomach from the remains of alcohol. You can even cause vomit in any artificial way you find effective.

Once alcohol is inside you, you can only accelerate it metabolism by using some medicines which contain lemon acid or amber acid. Cold shower will not help the process of metabolism – it can only help you to become a little bit more yourself.

We all know that the best way to avoid hangover is not to drink alcohol but personally I have not found the way to get rid of it completely yet. I can only recommend not to drink before some important event, like the wedding of your best friend, for instance. Of course, I suspected that drinking a bottle of tequila the evening before the wedding was not a good idea and sober celebration wrapped in the misty veil of hangover has only proved my suspicion. Always listen to your intuition – if you are not in “drinking mood”, there is no point in drinking at all or good old hangover will become the only result of it.

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