6 Dangerous Questions Never to Ask Your Boyfriend

It often happens that a single question asked by a girls may put an end to the begining relationships. To avoid splitting up with a boyfriend we recommend you to read the list of the most popular stupid question ever asked by women. Remembering that these questions are taboo will help the girls create the impression of a confident lady which would be appreciated by their boyfriends and. So what are the most dangerous questions?

  • Do you love me? Just asking this question causes the disbelief in your trusting his words.The girls pronouncing this dangerous question are implicitly telling that they don’t believe that their boyfriend love them. If a guy doesn’t want to talk about his feelings don’t interrogate him. Men often tend to say about their love acting but not speaking.

  • What are you thinking about? This question is usually asked when a girl sees that her boyfriend has an absent look and tries to draw his attention. The common answer is: “Nothing special”. If a woman keeps repeating this question that may say that her man irritates her. To support your relationship instead of asking this question try to speak the possible problems through. Men prefer sensible conversation and these futile questions are considered to be a waste of time. Or maybe he doesn’t share your talkative mood at the moment.
  • How many girlfriends did you have before me? Before asking this question stop and think if it is really the fact that you want to know. And what would you answer if he asks you the same question? Are you ready to speak openly on this uneasy topic? Admit that the past cannot be changed and it is already gone. Now he loves you. Learn to enjoy the present.
  • Do you like this dress on me? This is the most silly question ever asked. In this way you may unconsciously hint your boyfriend that you are not sure in your being attractive. And the men like confident women. If you bought a new dress you may try it on before your mum or sister and ask for their opinion. When you put it on for a date don’t ask if he likes it or not but just receive the compliments.

  • Who is better: your mum or me? Every man thinks that this question is not usually asked by intelligent girls. The relationships between your boyfriend and his mum completely differ from the ones between your boyfriend and you. These two things just can’t be compared. The average reaction on this question will be an unpleasant surprise and irritation.
  • Why are you looking at that girl? Are you acquainted? This question again speaks about the girl’s lack of confidence. Your boyfriend is with you but not with the girl he’s looking at now. Don’t show jealousy each time you notice that his attention is not totally concentrated on you. He has already chosen you so there is no reason to worry about. Pretend that you don’t notice all the good-looking girls around.
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