Most Annoying Actors

It can so happen that when actors become famous, they lose their ability to put vim and vigour into their work, resting on the laurels of their old tricks and peculiarities, which made them popular some time ago. So, let’s discuss Hollywood actors who forgot about the art of transformation, and play one and the same role.

The first defendant is Morgan Freeman. This veteran of the stage and the Oscars winner is a no-lose variant when one needs a wise old man in his movie. No matter what Mr. Freeman is playing- a thief, a President or God – he will be still an old wise man. That happens to him for the last 13 years. Even if Morgan is a villain, his final speech will be pronounced not with anger and malice, but with the intonation of a clever good teachers, who reprimands his lazy students.

And then, Johnny Depp. A vampire, a barber and a brave captain-they all are the same in a way: funny, clumsy and extremely kind in spite of frightening and odd appearance. Even in the famous “Tourist” it seems that through the adorable Frank’s smile we still see a grin of Mad Hatter. May be that’s all Tim Burton’s influence, with whom Depp has eight common projects.

Seth Rogen is another annoying actor. Once in 2007 he played the main part in the movie ‘Knocked Up’, he still can’t get rid of the image of a fat funny lubber, who burns his life, lying on the sofa. Nevertheless Seth tried to make a step aside and played a real superhero in “The Green Hornet”, but his comic talents came to the forefront again. Was it worthy while losing 13.5 kilos?

One can just envy Jason Statham. He started his acting career just 14 years ago, but he already has 50 movies in his lists. It’s a pity that his roles lack for originality. Jason was sucked down into the whirlpool of actions, but it’s not easy at all to struggle out of it. Though, Statham doesn’t care that much. He feels comfortable in the image of a strong guy with a big gun, and the audience is not against of it. The same is with Bruce Willis. His famous easy smile isn’t ripped off for almost a quarter of a century. Actually Bruce is good enough to be also a comedy or a drama actor, but his facial expression undergoes the smallest changes. He’ll always be a ‘hard’ McClane for us.

Let’s finally talk about Adam Sandler. He started with silly comedies and since that time he doesn’t betray himself. From time to time he takes some dramatic roles, but the only movie he was convincing in was ‘Punch-Drunk Love’. Of course now Adam’s characters are not that idiotic, but he’d rather try harder.

In conclusion I’d love to say these actors are anyway extremely talented and hard-working. They became a part of the world history, and that’s not the least of the factors.

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