Fair Sex

In the society women are called ‘the fair sex’. And I agree on this statement. Women are also called ‘the weaker sex’. I can’t agree on this one.

Just think about it: We work as much as med do. We come home at the end of a long hard work day. So do men. Our husbands. Or boyfriends. What do we do? We change, we go to the kitchen, cook, wash dishes. After we are done, we do our laundry and clean the house if necessary.  Those of us that have children need to check their homework, spend some quality time with them. Sometimes a husband can help. Sometimes.

Is that a life style of a weak person? It doesn’t seem like it. Besides, when we have our sweet little babies we put our bodies and minds through awful lot. Is that what a weak person can do? I don’t think so.

Probably this is why many women say ‘Being weak is a luxury i simply can’t afford’.

This is why any woman is looking for a strong man who would be there for here and let her be weak by helping to solve her problems or simply giving her a lot of love and attention. But many men think that women are mercenary. That all they need is money. As I said earlier, there is so much a woman gives to her man that 24 hours seems not enough time to do all the things she does.

In fact, all that women need – a man who is mature and educated enough to take care of himself and earns enough money to support his pregnant wife and future children, provide them shelter and all the necessary stuff as his future wife is not going to be able to work for a few years due to her maternity leave.

If men call women ‘fair sex’, hey should treat them accordingly. And some of them do. They know how to treat women, they open a door for them, they show them signs of affection, they keep their word, and don’t break hearts in vain.

This is when women can become ‘fair sex’. And ‘weaker sex’.

On the contrary, there are women who want to be ‘strong and confident’. In my opinion a woman shouldn’t be strong. A strong woman is not a happy woman. But it is just my opinion, no judgment please. I believe if a woman is strong it just means she doesn’t have a strong man by her side.

One may say that I have conflicting views. So are women weak or strong? I think they shouldn’t be strong, but some of them just don’t have other choice. Women need to be loved and protected from the pain.

After all, you know what they say: if women ruled the world, there would be no wars. Besides, if there were no women, the world would be pretty boring. Men are always astonished by our irrational actions, colorful emotions, illogical (or what they think is illogical) and emotional worldview.

Appreciate your woman and she will make you the happiest man on Earth!

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